Over 16 years of connecting people


Although every client is different, our familiarity with the agribusiness and veterinary sectors gives us a head start in understanding your requirements.

Organisations can secure senior staff that are suited by background, qualifications and personal qualities. Our experience and maturity of judgement ensures we find candidates who are not only capable of doing the job required, but will actually do it.

If required, placement assignments can be undertaken with discretion and without attracting unwanted attention.
We offer the following services:

  • Position definition and description
  • Executive search
  • Advertised recruitment
  • Screening and reference checking
  • Assistance with client interviews
  • Advice on remuneration

A successful placement begins with a sound understanding of the requirements of the position and the culture of the organisation.

We take time and effort to ensure we have identified the requirements of the position. We define the mandatory and desirable characteristics of the ideal candidate and identify where prospective candidates may be found.

Depending on the nature of the position to be filled and the preferences of the client we may use advertising, targeted search or a combination of both to identify candidates.
Advertising is generally preferred for positions for which there are no reasons to maintain confidentiality and there is a reasonable pool of prospective candidates.
With its greater cost, search tends to be more appropriate for high-level positions where discretion is important or the potential pool of candidates very limited.

Sometimes a combination of advertising plus active solicitation of applications will flush out those actively searching for positions as well as candidates who may not otherwise apply.

Our services encompass the following stages:

1.         Briefing
We receive a full briefing on the nature of the position, the client’s requirements and the scope of the search.

2.         Advertising
We recommend where, when and how to advertise the position, if appropriate, and prepare copy and layout for client approval.

We generally advise keeping the client’s name out of the advertisement to avoid harassing calls and misconceptions. However, sometimes there can be a benefit in including it. 

If there is currently an incumbent in the position or other circumstances affecting existing staff, anonymity may be vital.

3.         Search
If the project involves search without advertising, we draw on our extensive network of contacts within the agribusiness and veterinary industries to identify potential candidates.

In most cases candidates identified in this manner are only approached once we are confident they are reasonably close to the requirements of the client. This tends to involve an extensive process of research and investigation.
If the project includes advertising, we may approach potentially suitable candidates who might not respond to the advertisement and encourage them to apply.

4.         Interview Long List
We compile a long list of potential candidates from all sources and conduct interviews to identify a short list of suitable candidates.

5.         Internal Candidates
We consider internal candidates on the same basis as external applicants and objectively review their suitability. Generally, all internal candidates are interviewed.

6.         Present Short List
We present a short list of candidate(s) for review. In consultation with the client we eliminate from further consideration any who are not acceptable.

7.         Arrange Client Interviews
We arrange for the client to interview the selected candidates, including second and third interviews if needed.

8.         Reference Checking
We check the references for the top one or two preferred candidates and advise on remuneration details.
9.         Advise Unsuccessful Candidates
We liaise with all candidates and advise those that are unsuccessful.

Background Checks
In addition to reference checking, we recommend employment screening by a specialist company.

Employment screening is the verification of personal information supplied by a candidate seeking employment. It is also known as vetting, probity checking, employee due diligence, background checking, background verification and security checking.

Of most relevance are searches of various local and international public, regulatory and proprietary databases, to ascertain whether there is any adverse mention of the candidate or conflicts that may affect his/her ability to successfully meet their duties and responsibilities. Examples include:

  • criminal history;
  • bankruptcy;
  • media;
  • officeholder; and
  • litigation searches

Screening may also include verification of identification documents provided by the candidate such as:

  • birth certificates;
  • visas; and
  • drivers' licences
  • The cost depends on the nature of the searches but typically costs a few hundred dollars. 

Should an individual appointed on our recommendation fail to remain in the position for at least six months, we will undertake the task of finding a replacement at no charge other than out of pocket expenses.

Our professional fees are based on a percentage of the total remuneration package. The package includes salary, superannuation, vehicle and any other fringe benefits other than discretionary and performance bonuses that cannot be guaranteed. We prefer the value of the package to be agreed in advance so that our fee is not contingent on the outcome of negotiations with the successful candidate.

Our fees are competitive with other executive search and selection firms.
Assignments involving two or more similar positions to be filled at the same time can attract a lower fee.

We do not accept contingency assignments in which our fee is only payable upon the appointment of a candidate that we have identified.

Out of pocket expenses are invoiced at cost. Newspaper advertisements can, if preferred, be charged direct to the client. We do not charge a service fee on advertising.

Baron Senior Placements has provided recruitment services to many organisations over more than 16 years. The range includes:

  • Animal health companies
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Crop protection companies
  • Government
  • Livestock nutrition companies
  • Machinery companies
  • Pet food companies
  • Rural advertising agencies
  • Rural distributors
  • Rural publishing companies
  • Seed companies
  • Veterinary pharmaceutical companies
  • Veterinary wholesalers