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Contracting for employers

Through our normal executive recruitment activities we encounter many people who are ideally suited to contract work.

Some are older and more experienced than most candidates. Some are mothers with young families who prefer a gradual return to the workforce. Some are simply waiting for the right permanent job to come along.

In all cases they enjoy the variety of contract work and the opportunity to earn a higher salary. They mostly don’t have a huge mortgage and are not concerned that they might not have continuous work. Job security is not a high priority to them.

Appointing staff on contract is an excellent option:

  1. When global or national headcount ceilings prevent the appointment of permanent staff.
  2. To fill temporary vacancies caused by events such as maternity and long service leave.
  3. For special projects such as a new product or market initiative.
  4. When there is uncertainty about whether a permanent appointment is warranted.

Employers can find it difficult to get good quality people to take on a job when they know it will end in 12 months time and they’ll be back on the job market. If they are working for us, there’s a good chance we’ll have another position for them.

If the employer wants to keep the contractor and the contractor wants the job, that can be negotiated. Otherwise, they each go their own way.

How does it work?

  • You brief us on your vacancy so we thoroughly understand your requirements.
  • We will list and advertise your vacancy, at no cost to you .
  • We will identify and interview potential candidates (contractors) who might be suitable.
  • We will present you with potential contractors and our recommendations.
  • If you consider any of them suitable, you will engage him/her via a contract with us.
  • If your vacancy is no longer available, you must notify us immediately so that we can stop advertising it.
  • You will not attempt to appoint anyone from our list of potential contractors except via a contract with us.
  • You will promptly pay us for the contractor via your payroll system on an agreed basis (weekly or monthly).
  • You may terminate an unsuitable contractor on 24 hours notice.
  • An unsuitable contractor may leave on 24 hours notice.
  • You pay only for the time the contractor is working for you.
  • The cost of engaging a contractor is approximately 25% above the cost of employing a permanent employee.
  • Our fee includes the contractor’s remuneration (including PAYG tax and compulsory superannuation where applicable), plus workers compensation insurance and payroll tax.
  • You may offer the contractor a permanent position, subject to payment of a fee.
  • You are liable for the actions of the contractor in the same way as for an employee. We are not liable for contractors and you indemnify us against any third party claims.