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Contracting for contractors

Many people prefer the security of permanent paid employment. But for some people, a contract position can be a better option.

  • Variety – every assignment is different
  • Independence – you choose whether to accept an assignment
  • Flexibility - you choose when to work - you can take a three month vacation if it takes your fancy
  • Experience – you’ll see a range of working environments and learn new skills
  • Remuneration – contractors are generally paid more than permanent staff

How does it work?
Once you have confirmed your interest as a potential contractor, your resume will be added to our database. We also take careful note of your interests and expertise, as these are used for matching with client requirements.
As contract vacancies arise, we identify suitable candidates from our database. We may also advertise them.
If a contract appears relevant, we will contact you to discuss it. If, after this discussion, we feel that you are suitable for the vacancy and you are interested in it, we will forward your resume to the client.
Once an assignment has been approved by both you and our client, we will provide a contract for you to sign. This includes what you will be paid, when and how you will be paid, the contract duration and your responsibilities.

Working as a contractor
You work for and are paid by Baron Senior Placements.
As a contractor you are only paid for the time you work.
Your pay rate includes sick pay, holiday pay and public holidays and you will not receive extra for these.
Many contractors are paid as casual employees. Subject to your business arrangements and other sources of income, you may be paid via a company or as an independent trader.
Your agreement with Baron Senior Placements requires you to maintain confidentiality of both the client’s business and the terms of your contract.
The client will expect you to observe the normal working hours appropriate to your location or project. Even if others around you are not, you should be punctual.
You are regarded as a professional by the client, and as such will be expected to dress and behave accordingly.
You should be positive and constructive at all times, no matter how challenging.
If there are good reasons for taking time off, be sure the client is aware and can release you.
If you plan a holiday during an assignment this must be cleared both with Baron Senior Placements and the client.
Keep us informed if you have to take sick leave, and discuss with the client any problems that your unexpected absence might cause.
You should not use the client's office facilities (e.g. telephones, photocopying etc.) for personal purposes without permission.
Some clients will expect you to sign undertakings that ensure they own the intellectual property for the work you are doing whilst on assignment to them. These will generally be the same agreements that their permanent staff are asked to sign.
Baron Senior Placements will review your performance with the client and with you. Positive results will increase your marketability.